Our Vision

Cimarron is not just a club. It is a wilderness refuge, a sanctuary from the pace, pressures, and distractions of everyday life.

This is a place for people who love the mountains, outdoor sport, and camaraderie — people who have respect for the character and beauty of the land. Here we gather adventurous families with open hearts — people bound with their fellow members by a commitment to preserve the wildness of the San Juan Mountains.

Mountain Culture

At CMC, we strive to live in harmony with the mountains. That means unobtrusive trails, large swaths of unbroken forest, and a joyful give-and-take with the land. Over snow transport in custom snowcats, in lieu of plowing and salting, keeps the property beautiful and pristine throughout the winter, and our maintenance crew works to keep our lakes, forest, and meadows healthy. You’ll see the results at dinnertime, when foraged mushrooms, greens, and berries accompany trout from our lake or a loin of responsibly harvested elk.

Our guides, who are top experts in their sports, are also extremely knowledgeable about the geology, flora, and fauna of CMC. They’re always happy to add a brief botany lesson to a hike, or give a quick meteorology talk on the snowcat.

CMC is a small club on a big mountain. Our 1,750 acre private wilderness is shared by only a dozen Owners, and it is this intimacy that makes Cimarron Mountain Club so special — the best of big mountain sports enjoyed in an intimate and natural setting.